Advocacy at YWCA Warren

YWCA is committed to a strong advocacy agenda that focuses on local, state, and national initiatives impacting our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women. We’re dedicated to:

  • Ending racial profiling
  • Promoting fair workplace policies, closing the wage gap, securing paid sick leave, and raising the minimum wage
  • Protecting domestic violence victims from gun violence
  • Preserving the benefits for women and children in the Affordable Care Act
  • Enacting CEDAW: The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

Red more about our public policy priorities here.

YWCA Warren is ramping up advocacy efforts and building capacity in our community to engage with elected officials, raise awareness, and foster productive civil dialogue. Whether we’re tweeting at our U.S. Senators, penning letters to the editor, or rallying at the courthouse, the YWCA is focused on helping our community engage with decision makers and make their voices be heard.

Need to know who represents your interests in Washington, D.C. and in Columbus? Get started here:

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Learn more about the YWCA’s legislative priorities for the 114th Congress:


How can you get involved?

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